Intersect member area roadmap

This page provides an overview on what's coming to the Intersect member area.

Members Area 2024 Roadmap


Beta Members Area - Individual Founding Members

The Beta of the new Intersect Members Area will allow our existing members to purchase their next annual Individual Founding membership while providing a dedicated space to manage their membership. Even more, it will provide a new process for new members to join as Individual Founding Members fully.

Beta Members Area - Enterprise Founding Members

Following the launch of the Individual Founding Members Area, we will continue our development by launching an offering tailored to our Enterprise members. This will allow existing Enterprise members to purchase their next annual Enterprise Founding membership while providing a dedicated space to manage their membership and the members within their organization.

Membership Benefits

The current benefits provided in your membership will be accessible through the member area.


Badges & NFTs

Announcing the official rollout of Intersect badges & NFTs. Members will have the opportunity to claim these unique digital assets to showcase their participation.

Ada payments

Intersect has partnered with the AdaAnvil team to provide its members the option to pay with ADA. This feature will allow new members join using the Cardano native token.

Event Map

The details of the exclusive members-only events are directly in the Members Area.

Grant applications update

An overhaul update to the grant applications ensuring it is easier for our members to apply for grants and funding directly from the Members Area.


This update will add a process for members to participate in Intersect's governance voting processes, which will also be used to vote during the Intersect Annual Members Meeting.


the Q4 deliverables will be updated in mid/late Q2 based on the feedback and suggestions received by our members and the wider community

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