Inclusion and accessibility phase 1

This Grant (phase 1) closed on 19th April 2024

As new processes are created to support Cardano governance and Intersect, one of the most important goals is to encourage participation and engagement.


The need for inclusion and accessibility cuts across all processes, tools, communication channels, and interaction points for Cardano governance and Intersect itself. This grant category supports different initiatives to open up and make more accessible Cardano governance and Intersect.


As such, we have identified specific opportunities and split this grant into subcategories:

Intersect Town Halls:

We would like a member to take the lead in organizing, facilitating, and giving an identity to our monthly town hall meetings. The applicant will suggest and agree with Intersect on the fixed topics that get covered at every Town Hall (e.g. Spotlight on a particular DApp, Regional Intersect Community Hub insights, What’s new on the blockchain etc.). The applicant should consider the type of content and updates our members want to hear, collaboration with committees and working groups, promotion and tools (such as Zoom), and facilitating each meeting. This can also include collaborating with the After Town Hall support. Ideal candidates should be well-versed with running community workshops, events and meet-ups, and demonstrate capability and vision to evolve our Town Halls into the future. 1 grant of 30,000 ADA to run Town Halls until the end of 2024 (likely starting in either April or May).

This category is now closed.

After Town Halls:

Similar to above, we’re looking for either a joint application to run both the main and after Town Halls virtual gatherings or two different applicants. We are looking for a member to collect topics for these spaces, advertise, and run sessions with other members. After Town Halls should be hosted as a segment post main Intersect Town Hall. The successful applicant will work closely with the main organizer of the Town Halls (if they are not the same applicant). 1 grant of 10,000 ada to run After Town Halls until the end of 2024 (likely starting in either April or May).

This category is now closed.

Twitter space:

We are looking for one member to run two Twitter (X) spaces per month for the year (24 X spaces at least one hour in length - 2 a month for 12 months). This would include mapping out content plan, inviting members to co-host, promoting space through various channels keeping it fun, engaging and an active space. Applicants should also consider how they will liaise and utilize the progress and updates coming through Intersect committees and working groups, and surfacing contributions from our members. The ideal candidate will already have a strong audience and existing profile in the Cardano ecosystem, be well-versed with the current projects and teams building on Cardano. 30,000 ADA available.

This category is now closed.

Open space:

We understand that this can be done in many ways, and the unique needs of those within the Cardano community are the best guide. We encourage you to be thoughtful and creative to enable anybody from around the world to easily engage in Cardano governance and with Intersect. 30,000 ADA available.

This category is now closed.

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