Intersect Committees

Committees are formal bodies within Intersect, typically focused on a domain or function.
They are composed of Intersect members and, where applicable, Intersect professional staff to drive efficiencies.
They are primarily recommending bodies that discuss and identify opportunities for improvements to Cardano’s development and governance landscape, and collaborate in a distributed way. Some committees will ladder up to others. For example, the parameter committee will make recommendations to the technical steering committee for further consideration.
Committees may also collaborate with others where relevant.
On the other hand, working groups are formed by committees when applicable, and support a respective committee’s wider remit or objectives by focusing on specific goals or needs. Working groups can also include non-members of Intersect and bring in expertise from outside of Cardano or even fields outside blockchain.
Following Intersect’s launch in July 2023, five committees have been stood up or migrated by Intersect members.

Current Committees at Intersect:

Later in 2024, a Cardano Budget and Vision committee will be established to explore a budget for the continuity of Cardano in 2025 and beyond and look much further ahead to Cardano’s vision and technical roadmap.
Cardano’s product functions will also have dedicated working groups established by those who maintain and contribute to the 26 core Cardano repositories, which were transferred to Intersect’s stewardship in December 2023. There are also opportunities for existing alliances and other collectives to integrate into Intersect and collaborate.

2023 Interim Committee Report

Read the latest update from the committees in our Interim Committee Report - wrapping up 2023.
Interim Commitee Update - December 2023.pdf