Intersect governance

The Governing Board

Intersect’s initial Governing Board comprises five member seats. To establish operations, three board members have been appointed with representatives from seed funders and members’ Input Output Global and EMURGO and the COO as interim on the third seat. The third seat has been offered as an academic position to Wyoming University’s Blockchain Center of Excellence. The seed funder seats have a three-year term in consideration of funding given, whilst the academic seat will have a one-year tenure.

The remaining two seats will be filled from Intersect’s membership, with elections to be held in the second half of 2024. Terms of these remaining seats are to be determined with the community as part of the election design.

Additional Board Members

The process to appoint the two remaining Governing Board members needs to be designed and launched in collaboration with members and in accordance with Intersect’s bylaws. To start, a new Advisory Board will be initiated and tasked with making this happen, and can also look at the process to establish wider committee elections.

Governing Board Meetings

In 2024, the Governing Board will convene on a monthly basis, with the next board meeting scheduled for January 31st, 2024. Agenda and meeting minutes will be published in a timely manner.

Contacting the Governing Board

The Governing Board can be contacted via

Community advisory body working group

In January 2024, a community-led initiative to form a working group was established. The advisory body working group help to support and drive transparency at the governing board level, including observing board meetings. One of tenets of the working group is to ensure Intersect's legitimacy as member-based organization is achieved through listening and gathering the feedback from as much of the community as possible, and surfacing recommendations to the governing board.

Intersect Professional Staff

Intersect is staffed by a team of experienced professionals with extensive exposure in the Cardano community. Later in Q1 2024, a new section on the website will highlight the staff behind the scenes, many of whom are already well-known in the community.

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