Membership and Community committee (MCC)

What is the Membership and Community Committee?

The Membership and Community Committee (MCC) fosters a thriving Cardano community through effective Intersect membership sales, account management, community support, tooling grants, education, and engaging events.

Why is this committee important?

It devises strategies to engage community members, promote collaboration, and encourage meaningful contributions. By organizing events, forums, and online platforms, the committee creates spaces for interaction and knowledge-sharing among community participants.

Which topics does this committee cover?

The MCC oversees membership within Intersect and, by doing so, ensures that each member has access to benefits and opportunities for fuller participation in Cardano’s growth and development. The MCC also reviews, accepts or rejects proposals for community Working Groups.

How to join?

Send an email to for inquiries or more information. The MCC will be holding committee elections at the start of H2 in collaboration with the other Committees (Civics, Open Source, etc) to fill its 10-seat committee. The MCC hosts public meetings every four weeks for all members of Intersect to join.

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