On-chain voting

On-Chain Voting is the process that allows the 3 voting bodies (DReps, SPOs, Constitutional Committee) to submit their decision about On-Chain active Governance Actions, and so allows the Cardano Community and its ADA Holders to be represented in the Governance of Cardano.

In order for a Governance Action to get ratified through On-Chain voting it needs to meet voting thresholds from some or all of the voting bodies (depending on the Governance Action Type).

✓ Can Vote on that Governance Action Type

✕ Cannot Vote on that Governance Action Type

Governance action typeCCDRepsSPOs

Motion of no-confidence

New constitutional committee or quorum size

Update to the Constitution

Hard-fork initiation

Protocol parameter changes

Treasury withdrawal


On-Chain Voting can be performed through the Cardano CLI and through the Voltaire GovTool.

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