Intersect Open-Source Antitrust Statement

An antitrust statement for an open-source organization is a declaration made by the organization to ensure that its activities, including collaboration and participation, adhere to antitrust laws and regulations. Antitrust laws are designed to promote fair competition, prevent anticompetitive behavior, and protect consumers and competitors from unfair business practices.


The purpose of this antitrust statement is to affirm our dedication to upholding fair competition, preventing anticompetitive behavior, and avoiding any activities that may violate antitrust laws.

Guiding Principles:

The Organization shall adhere to the following guiding principles:

  1. No Anticompetitive Agreements: Participants are prohibited from engaging in discussions, agreements, or activities that restrain trade or harm competition.

  2. No Exclusionary Practices: The Organization will not engage in any exclusionary practices that may disadvantage or discriminate against any participant or organization.

  3. Transparency: All activities, discussions, and decisions will be transparent, and information will be made available to all interested parties to the extent possible.

  4. Competitive Discussions: The Organization encourages participants to discuss matters related to the open source project, its development, and its ecosystem in a manner that is consistent with antitrust laws.

Reporting Concerns:

If any participant believes that any discussion, activity, or decision within the Organization may raise antitrust concerns or violate antitrust laws, they are encouraged to report their concerns to the organization's leadership or legal counsel.

Compliance with Laws:

The Organization expects all participants to be aware of and comply with antitrust laws and regulations that may apply to their activities within the organization.’


By adopting this antitrust statement, Intersect aims to foster a competitive and open environment that benefits the open-source community and adheres to legal and ethical standards.

Please note that it is essential to consult with legal counsel or experts in antitrust law to ensure that the statement aligns with the specific needs and legal requirements of your open source organization and the jurisdictions in which it operates. Antitrust laws can vary by region, and legal advice is critical to navigate this complex area of law. Intersect encourages all participants to seek their own legal counsel if they have any questions or concerns regarding antitrust laws.

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