Constitutional committee portal

This grant category closed on 11th December 2023.


The Constitutional Committee (CC) is one of the three groups responsible for ratifying governance actions under CIP-1694, alongside SPOs and DReps. This committee will be responsible for voting on governance actions to ensure compliance with the Cardano Constitution. The role of the Constitutional Committee is critical in the governance process, and its votes and decisions will be important for ADA holders to understand.

Constitutional Committee Portal

Responding to community feedback via the CIP-1694 community workshops, Intersect are looking for proposals to build a new Constitutional Committee Portal. The Constitutional Committee Portal will be a tool for the CC to share their voting record and accompanying rationale as to why a governance action was either constitutional or unconstitutional. The portal will also be a common space to store the Cardano Constitution for all ada-holders to view. This portal will be critical in driving transparency to the CC and its role in Cardano’s governance.

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