Eligibility criteria

To apply for a grant at Intersect please ensure the following:

  • Entrants must be a member of Intersect to receive an grant.

  • Winners must provide the information requested for, and pass Intersect’s due diligence process to receive a grant.

  • The proposed work cannot also be funded by another source, for example through Catalyst.

  • Only one entry per member is allowed in each category.

  • IOG, EMURGO or the Cardano Foundation are not eligible to apply. However, employees of these entities acting independently of their employer are eligible to apply.

  • The proposal must be submitted before the due date and time, with all of the required information provided. Unfortunately, late submissions cannot be accepted.

  • The grant winner must be able to accept ADA for payment. No other forms of payment will be possible.

  • Winners must be able to accept deliverable-based payment terms.

  • Winners must consent to their project information and outputs being published on Intersect channels such as intersectmbo.org, Discord, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Applicants must meet all of the requirements stated within the proposal.

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