Functional requirements

  • Homepage: an overview with educational content related to:

    • What is the Constitution and why is it important? - with a link to the latest version of the Constitution

  • What is the Constitutional Committee and why is it important? - with a link to the Constitutional Committee members page

  • Provide a digital space for the future Cardano Constitution as a reference for the Constitutional Committee and Cardano community as a whole.

  • Establish a mechanism that provides a hash of the last version of the Constitution for verification, along with a mechanism to view historical changes to the Constitution, with appropriate links and the date when the changes were made.

  • Provide a mechanism to publish the conclusions and rationale behind Constitutional Committee votes, with reference to specific Articles of this Constitution that are in conflict with a given proposal, in case of rejection.

  • The portal should track live governance actions and intuitively show how the CC voted providing also an option for Constitutional Committee members to expand on their ration

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