Proposal discussion forum

This grant category closed on 11th December 2023.

With on-chain governance, introduced by CIP-1694, ada holders will be empowered to submit a governance action (GA) directly onto the Cardano mainnet. This ability will transform how decisions are made for the blockchain. To support CIP-1694's on-chain features, during the course of the CIP-1694 community workshops, attendees consistently requested off-chain processes and features to ensure GA's have been widely considered and socialized before they are submitted on-chain.

The Proposal Discussion Forum

To respond to the feedback, Intersect is opening up a grant for members to develop a proposal discussion forum. It should be a tool which enables, promotes, and facilitates structured public discourse, and presents the most relevant information about proposals. The tool will ultimately support ada holders when evaluating the strength of a proposal (and a subsequent governance action).

A proposal in this instance refers to a solution or request by an ada-holder(s) before it's submitted as a governance action on-chain

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