Governance tools

A truly decentralized blockchain protocol must embrace a governance model that fosters collaboration and democratic consent every step of the way. Alongside alignment around core principles, processes, organizations and mechanisms, effective governance requires tools to promote community engagement and provide the technical ‘plumbing’ for building consensus across the Cardano ecosystem. Voltaire’s developmental roadmap has prioritized governance tooling in an effort to create greater efficiencies and provide new avenues for community involvement in promoting Cardano’s ongoing advancement.

Open source

Governance tooling is owned and maintained by the community. With community approval, Intersect, through its committees and working groups, will play an important role in hosting and maintaining these governance tools. Through active community involvement, the aim is to create the initial foundation layer together with different builders in the community. These governance tools support and enrich the processes that are necessary to fully implement CIP-1694 on-chain voting.

Once this foundation layer is ready, the community will be able to further contribute to these governance tools by maintaining and improving existing features and pillars, creating new features or completely new areas either by themselves or supported by awards and grants facilitated by Intersect.


Soon enough, the community will have a number of new tools at its disposal for engaging in participatory governance actions on the Cardano blockchain and will have an even greater ability to easily and effectively shape and improve the protocol through collective decision making as Cardano enters the age of Voltaire.

Read more about funding opportunities at Intersect

Intersect has issued grants to build pillars of this system of tools or other supporting parts. More information about grants can be found here.

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