Grants to translate the Interim Constitution


The Interim Constitution has been in place from hard fork and will remain until the final constitution is ratified. Intentionally minimal and reflects the tenets of CIP-1694.

The Cardano Constitution will impact all members of the Cardano community. Grants will be provided for translations of the original text into other languages so more members of the community are able to read it. Because it may not be possible for translations to capture the exact legal meaning of the original text, the English version will remain the authoritative source. The Interim Constitution and translations will be displayed within the Constitutional Committee portal. Intersect is offering one grant for each of the key languages identified to people with a good understanding of Cardano, its governance described in CIP-1694.

Functional Requirements

  • Translate the entire Interim Constitution (including appendices) into another language. Protocol parameter names should be left in English.

  • The translated version begins with this translated warning message: This version of the Cardano Constitution has been translated from the original. Only the version that matches the on-chain hash is the official Cardano Constitution.

  • The translator should understand the legal context and 1694 governance.

Suggested languages to be supported, aligned to GovTool translations:

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

  • Chinese

  • French

  • Japanese

  • Swahili

  • Italian


Containing about 35 pages of technical text, the grants for translations will be 2,500 ADA for each language, for a total of 17,500 ADA

To Apply

Intersect will supply a document with the Interim Constitution for direct translation. This will be offered to Community Hubs to take the lead with their local language, including self-assessment that the translation has been done correctly.

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