DevOps for Governance Tools

This Grant closed on 25th April 2024


The Intersect team has facilitated the creation of the foundational tools that will support Cardano governance. Over the past 6 months, Intersect members (such as Byron Network, DQuadrant, WeDeliver, and Bloxico) have worked developing these tools (current implementation can be tested on

In the ongoing effort to distribute and decentralize the ownership and maintenance of these tools, we tasked a member of the community to define a DevOps strategy.

Based on that we now have clear requirements to award a contract to a member of the community to support the DevOps work for these Governance Tools.


Intersect is providing a grant of up to ADA 90,000 to support the work described in the Requirements section until the end of 2024 (≈ 7 months).

Application submission will open on the 12th of April and close on the 25th of April. The winner will be awarded by the 3rd of May.

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