Working on Cardano

The work that happens under-the-hood

Cardano’s Continuity and Vision


Cardano “Continuity” is defined or referred to in the contracts as any approved technical services needed to build or fix current and future areas of the Cardano blockchain. Continuity in this definition can include new development, such as the CIP-1694 governance software, upgrades to components or improvements in testing. Building Cardano is a decentralized and distributed effort. During Q1 of 2024 Intersect has more than seven major Continuity contracts to deliver over 30 new functionalities and features to the blockchain. Continuity only focusses and builds the base infrastructure, there are many more community projects, dApps and initiatives being built on top.

Vision & backlog

Cardano's vision and backlog on the other hand, pertains to current development & new features and functionality that may be in the research phase or identified by members and the community to explore and develop.

Open Source

Cardano is an open source project and has over 20 repositories that are maintained by Intersect and its members. Read more about Cardano's repository migration, and browse and engage with all the repositories directly here.

Open Source Office (OSO)

The OSO is responsible for managing our open source program and community, and ensuring that we engage with the open source community in a transparent and effective manner. Navigate Cardano's open source approach, and the repositories here.

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