Voltaire GovTool

The GovTool will also allow ADA holders to test some of the governance features available in SanchoNet – the testnet that puts the Cardano Improvement Protocol (CIP) 1694’s values and specifications into practice. With the freedom to test and refine Cardano’s next era of governance principles under one central apparatus, the GovTool helps the Cardano community forge a future governance framework that represents the community’s best democratic interests.

In its current implementation Govtool supports SanchoNet and the following features:

  • DRep registration

    • Retire as DRep

    • Change metadata

  • DRep delegation

    • Including delegation to Abstain and No-confidence

  • Reviewing and Voting on active Governance Actions

The Voltaire GovTool is now open for beta testing as the Sancho GovTool, using the SanchoNet TestNet. More details about Beta Testing can be found here.

Overall guides about the Voltaire GovTool can be found here.

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