Civics committee

What is the Civics Committee?

The Civics Committee provide facilitation and oversight to the Cardano Community related to the governance of Cardano. This includes developing and facilitating processes to engage the Cardano Community in governance, coordinating with subject matter experts where needed, and providing support as requested by the Cardano Constitutional Committee.

Why is this committee important?

The Cardano Civics Committee ensures that Cardano's governance is accessible, fair, and transparent.

Which topics does this committee cover?

While not all of these topics are addressed yet, the vision is for the committee to cover topics such as:

  • Facilitate a ratification period for the constitution.

  • Enable and maintain the history of off-chain discussions about proposals.

  • Monitor tools for on-chain voting to verify that they are maintained and operational.

  • Update guidelines, templates, and standards for on-chain voting.

  • Providing non-binding recommendations as requested by the community regarding Cardano governance improvements.

How to join?

The Cardano Civics Committee will participate in Intersect committee elections to select the next cohort of members.

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