Intersect membership

Be part of the community taking an active role in the next generation of Cardano—and make positive change a reality.

Join as a Founding Member

As Intersect launches, join as a Founding Member today to:

Shape the future

Guide the strategic direction of Cardano by participating in steering groups, committees, and advisory boards. As a Founding Member, establish new committees and shape the future of Cardano’s governance.

Develop and build

Access grants and work packages to continue to develop Cardano’s codebase and build the next generation of the blockchain. Help guide a comprehensive grant program with fellow members to support and enhance the protocol and ecosystem.

Strengthen your network

Collaborate with a diverse network of like-minded professionals dedicated to ushering in a brighter Cardano future. Work with other members to strengthen connections, foster new partnerships, and work together.

Elevate your profile

Showcase your contributions and successes in the Cardano ecosystem through member events, Cardano developer conferences, marketing, website presence, periodic reports highlights and much more.

Monthly Town Halls & an Annual Member Meeting

Intersect hosts monthly Town Halls where progress and committee updates are shared, and other news relating to events, community, and funding opportunities are presented. Check our Discord for more information.

In addition, Intersect members will be invited to attend and participate in an annual member meeting in the second half of 2024. The annual meeting will focus on Intersect’s activity and affairs, including voting on motions if applicable. Members will be able to participate both digitally and in person depending on the confirmed location. Details will be communicated to all members in the Spring of 2024.

Intersect Membership Governance amendments

An Intersect Membership Governance amendment must include clear documentation highlighting the proposed changes.

An Intersect Membership Governance amendment may be executed by a Simple majority Board Decision.

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