Membership tiers and benefits

This page gives an overview of the Intersect membership tiers, their cost and the related benefits

Current Intersect Membership Tiers and Costs:

  • Enterprise Member - $1,000

  • Individual Member - $10

  • Associate - Free


Voting rights


Eligible for 1 vote at the AMM (Annual Members Meeting)

Ability to vote on Intersect matters (AMM / Committee / Working Group positions)

Ability to add additional team members to your Membership

Committees, Groups, and Boards


Able to be elected or appointed to a steering committee

Able to join or be appointed to a Working Group

Eligible to be elected for a board seat for 1-year

The ability to participate in Intersect's governance process and have a say in important decisions that shape the ecosystem's future

Ability to put forward a candidate for board elections (if available)

The ability to be nominated for a 1-year seat on Core-Technical Steering Committee Seated position

Grants and Funding


Ability to apply for intersect community grants

Ability to apply for Utility Project funding

Other Benefits


Access to events (discounted or free tickets)

Access to the Intersect Members Portal

Access to Intersect Townhalls

Access to Intersect Newsletters

Access to Intersect Discord

Early access to Cardano project updates, research, and insights

Access to a wealth of educational resources, tutorials, and guides to enhance your understanding of Cardano and blockchain technology

Exclusive access to research papers and data that can inform your personal and strategic decisions

Invitations to member-exclusive events, conferences, and meetups

The chance to participate in special discussions, workshops, and panels featuring prominent figures in the blockchain space

Exclusive content, webinars, and reports providing in-depth knowledge about Cardano's developments and trends

Access to a diverse and influential network of Cardano enthusiasts, blockchain professionals, and industry experts

Opportunities to seek advice, collaborate on projects, and contribute to the growth and success of Cardano and Intersect

Founding Member NFT - if registered and paid by 31st August 2024

Marketing and Comms Benefits


Logos/names of Founding Members on the Intersect Website

Access to weekly development reports

Access to committee report updates

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