Consider the below before submitting your application

When thinking about applying for this grant, responses to the brief should consider how the Proposal Discussion Forum could surface proposals before they become governance actions. Stages such as:

  1. Proposal submission

  2. Proposal discussion

  3. Proposal polling

The features that you could include under each area is under your creative direction. To help, this is an overall flow map, highlighting the key steps that the Proposal Discussion Forum will need to support.

Expected cost range

There is no set amount for this grant, as we would prefer applicants to specify the amount needed to implement their proposed solution, allowing for a broader range of creativity and ambition. However, as a steer, we expect the costs to fall between 90,000 - 180,000 ADA. Note that you may still propose outside of this range with strong rationale.

Timings and milestones

This grant will follow a milestone reporting approach and your application should note the expectations below. This will help with scope and various other parts to your application.

The timelines below are indicative, and broadly align with the CIP-1694 roadmap.


Due Date

Design Phase (System Architecture + UX/UI design)

Dec 15, 2023

Testable prototype

Jan 31, 2024

MVP - meets minimum requirements, fully working version

Mar 31, 2024

V1.0 - start to implement new features (may be based from the nice to have list) and/or improvements

May 31, 2024

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