DRep campaign platform

This grant category closed on 11th December 2023.

With on-chain governance introduced by CIP-1694, ada holders will be able to delegate their voting power to Delegate Representatives (DReps), community members representing other ada holders in voting. This concept is the central element of liquid democracy in the age of Voltaire.

To support the delegation process and increase informed decision-making when delegating, ada holders need a common space to discover and explore registered DReps. Building on the feedback captured in the community-led CIP-1694 workshops, it’s imperative that ada holders can identify a DRep’s domain of expertise, their perspectives and interests, how they voted in the past, and much more. Equally, DReps need a place where they can share their profile and credentials, and campaign for ada holders to delegate their voting power to them.

The DRep campaign platform

To support this goal, Intersect is opening up a grant opportunity to fund the development of a DRep campaign platform, a tool to enrich the vital role DReps and delegation play in Cardano’s on-chain governance.

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