Non-functional requirements


  • The DRep campaign platform should be accessible to non-technical users

  • Proposal discussions should be transparent and easy to engage with

  • Meet WCAG 3.0 AA accessibility standards

  • Support for i18n/localization


  • There must be enough participation to establish the legitimacy of the DRep campaign process. The tool would need to support at least 250,000 concurrent users.


  • Tool responsiveness: front page must load within 2 seconds for users accessing the website using an LTE mobile connection

IP rights

  • The code must be open source, with an open source license that permits the assets to be changed, redistributed, and used commercially (suggested: Apache 2.0 for code and CC BY 4.0 for other documents and assets)

  • Any third party dependencies must not hinder or prevent the assets from being changed, redistributed, and used commercially

  • The assets created for this proposal will be universally accessible on a public repository by the time the project is complete

  • The assets created for this proposal must migrate into Intersect’s repositories if requested by Intersect

Open source requirements

Technical specification recommendations for FE (to support integration)

  • NextJS / React

  • Material UI

  • i18next (or equivalent. New version support i18n without additional plugin)

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