Managing delivery partners

This page explains how Intersect manage supplier contracts on behalf of the DevTrust

How do we manage contracts?

Intersect facilitates and administrates the management and oversight of all supplier contracts on behalf of DevTrust. This captures an extensive role in the facilitation, execution, and ongoing administration of contractual agreements between DevTrust and its suppliers. Intersect will actively engage in the negotiation process, ensuring that contractual terms align with DevTrust's objectives.

Furthermore, Intersect will monitor the compliance and performance of suppliers, implementing necessary measures to uphold contractual obligations, optimize operational efficiency, and provide community transparency.

Delivery assurance function

Delivery assurance refers to the commitment & processes between continuity delivery partners to ensure the timely and reliable delivery of products, services, or projects - meeting specified requirements and expectations. It involves managing risks, monitoring progress, and implementing strategies for successful & punctual delivery. The methodology to gain assurance is flexible, depending on the length, complexity, and associated delivery risks.

Steered by the Technical Steering Committee (TSC), the Delivery assurance team is a core function at Intersect - completing tasks outlined above on behalf of the community. The team must execute its functions to ensure Cardano's continuity plan is delivered.

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