Collaboration with other members is encouraged since the proposed solution should involve the entire governance process.

Expected Cost Range

There is no set amount for multimedia education grants, as it’d be preferable for applicants to specify the amount needed to implement their proposed solution, allowing for a broader range of creativity. However, to help applicants sense-check their proposal, the maximum amount is 150,000 ADA for the Education category. Multiple proposals will likely be selected for these categories so smaller proposals are equally beneficial. Proposals outside this range with valid reasoning will also be considered.

Suggested Minimum Milestones

The milestones below are indicative and proposals should ideally not exceed a six month delivery plan. Proposals should also broadly align with the CIP-1694 roadmap.


Design Phase or outline if non-code

Testable prototype or first draft if non-code

MVP - meets minimum requirements, fully working version or first version if non-code

V1.0 - start to implement new features and/or improvements

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