DRep Pioneering Program

This grant category closed on 5th April 2024.

DReps are a vital part of Cardano’s governance design - voting on governance actions on behalf of other ADA holders who have delegated their voting power. As we embark on this new governance journey, participation and inclusion are critical characteristics for a healthy system, and education continues to be a core pillar.

Through Intersect, a new DRep Pioneer Program grant has be opened up specifically looking for applications from capable member organizations to deliver a unified DRep Pioneer course to the Cardano community as Pioneer Workshop Leaders. This is for anyone in the Community looking to be part of the DRep Pioneer Program - as workshop leaders.

By the end of the program, a significant part of the community will be armed with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively participate in Cardano’s governance. More importantly, the Pioneer Program paves the way for future leaders in Cardano - equipping the community with knowledge and tools to govern our global financial and social infrastructure into the future.

Intersect is providing a fixed incentive range from 20,000 to 25,000 ADAs to join a small group of other Workshop Leaders to co-design and deliver a unified curriculum and continuous learning program to their respective community and region. Creating the first cohort of Cardano DReps who can effectively perform their role in Cardano’s governance design.

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