Non-functional requirements


  • Web content or software must meet WCAG 3.0 AA standards for accessibility.


  • If building on top of existing software, the localisation solution must meet the same scalability requirements as the original solution.

  • The solution must be available to the entire Cardano community.


  • If building on top of existing software, the front page’s load time must be no longer than 2 seconds for users accessing the website using an LTE mobile connection.

IP rights

  • The work must be open source, with an open source license that permits the assets to be changed, redistributed, and used commercially (suggested: Apache 2.0 for code and CC BY 4.0 for other documents and assets)

  • Any third party dependencies must not hinder the assets from being changed, redistributed and used commercially

  • The assets created for this proposal are universally accessible on a public repository by the time the project has completed

  • Any code created for this proposal must migrate into Intersect’s repositories if requested by Intersect

Open source requirements

  • Guidance related to open source requirements for code will be provided

  • Guidance related to expected best practices for open source code will be provided

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