Grants evaluation criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on quality, and this includes the proposed solution and plan to execute. We will evaluate proposals using all of the information provided in the application, and are specifically looking for proposals with both a solution that meets or exceeds the requirements, as well as a demonstrated capability to execute, staying broadly aligned to the public CIP-1694 roadmap.

Generally, we consider the following criteria:

  • Structure: Does the proposal have clear purpose, milestones, timeline, and associated costs?

  • Fit: Does the proposal meet our functional/non-functional requirements for the category?

  • Impact: Does the proposal have the potential to positively impact the Cardano Community?

  • Feasibility / Capability: Is the proposal feasible, and does the proposer have the capability to deliver the project successfully and manage Treasury funds properly?

  • Resources / Value for money: Does the proposal represent good value for the treasury and community?

Submissions will not be further evaluated if:

  • Any of the eligibility criteria are not met.

  • The information is incomplete or not understandable.

  • The application is not in English, however auto-translations are accepted.

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