Functional requirements

Minimum functional requirements

Must have (in no particular proirity order)

  • Community members log-in via email address and/or wallet connect

  • Proposal submission form - (details below)

  • Proposal comments form - (details below)

  • Single choice opinion Poll (Yes/No) to test consensus on a proposal

  • The author of proposals should be able to edit and update their proposal

  • Generates an anchor - URL that points to an off-chain JSON file containing all the information generated for a specified proposal within the Proposal Discussion Forum

  • Open APIs allow other services to query proposal information alongside public endpoint with JSON structured data containing all information generated for a specified proposal

  • Proposal search and filtering

  • Moderator role, to keep the forum clean (neutralizing spam and spambots, profanity check and ability to remove, hide, delete, or flag inappropriate content)

Minimum required fields for the Proposal Submission Form:

The list below should align with what is decided in the governance metadata CIP.

Form fields


Author ID

ID of author:

  • A way for the users to identify the author of the proposal

  • A way to allow the platform to identify which proposal belongs to who - permissions control

  • Nice to have: Possibly a way to allow this platform to connect the off-chain and the on-chain author

Proposal ID

Auto generated unique identifier for the proposal

GA Type

Indicate which type of GA this proposal represents


The proposal name should give an indication of the Governance action that community members are trying to achieve. Keep it simple and informative.


A concise summary of your proposal that provides the essential information such as the problems, implications (200-character limit including spaces)


Detailed description of the motivation/problem


The proposed solution. Explain how it is aligned with the motivation/problem.

Supporting links

Allows proposer to share links to different resources (e.g. PDFs, images, website/ GitHub and additional URLs).


Nice to have: Tags with keywords related to the proposal

Minimum required fields for the Proposal Comment Form:

Form fields


Author ID

ID of the comment’s author


Once a proposal is submitted the discussion starts by users adding comments

Supporting links

Allow users to share additional information. e.g. PDFs, images, Website/ GitHub and additional URLs

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