Intersect committees

Intersect is designed to be steered by its members so the future of Cardano is community-led. The membership body provides this steering via standing committees. Standing committees are designed to be community-led, with community members taking an active role influencing the future of Cardano.

Intersect will initiate seven standing committees in 2024, covering the functional operations required to steer the delivery of "continuity", provide steering direction to the drafting of Cardano's constitution, support the internal membership, and more. A standing committee is expected to be a permanent fixture, although, changes may be required as the committees mature and the objectives evolve. The governing board will review proposed changes and support the membership.

Working groups typically roll up into one of the seven committees. Working groups are, for the most part, temporary functions that support a committees' wider objectives or to expand expertise by seeking contributions from outside of Intersect. Working groups can be on any subject and are by nature less formal than standing committees.

Current Committees at Intersect:

Civics committeeMembership and Community committee (MCC)Technical Steering committee (TSC)Parameter committee (PC)Open Source committee (OSC)Budget committee (proposed)Roadmap committee (proposed)

Review here the plan to establish and mature the committee's ways of working and processes

2023 Interim Committee Report

Read the latest update from the committees in our Interim Committee Report - wrapping up 2023.

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