Technical Steering committee (TSC)

What is the Technical Steering Committee?

The Technical Steering Committee ensures that the governance of Cardano is based upon sound technical awareness and best practices.

Why is this committee important?

The committee is a rallying point for key members, suppliers, and third parties to coordinate the delivery of development services to support the Cardano blockchain. The committee facilitates contract arrangements and service level agreements, creates proposals of technical concern, reviews, and evaluates proposals prepared by the Cardano community, such as parameter updates or hard forks.

Which topics does this committee cover?

Takes a leading role in defining and advising on Cardano Continuity development to support the Cardano network, including contracts and agreements with Intersect members. It’s a highly technocratic committee, providing deep technical analysis and advice to ongoing development projects, parameters settings (through the Parameter Committee), and any other network related conditions.

More info about the committee and its working groups can be found here.

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