Intersect Constitutional Council FAQs

What is the Intersect Constitutional Council?

Intersect’s position on the interim Constitutional Committee as one member of a ten member body, is an unelected seat during the interim period. Intersect’s role on the interim Constitution Committee will be separated from day-to-day operations, committees and working groups, and in the interim period will be referred to as the “Intersect Constitutional Council”. The Council will be made up of ten Intersect members, with an Intersect-provided secretary and senior observer in supporting roles.

Who sits on the Council?

Members of the Council can be individual Intersect members or represent their organization. However, all members of the Council must be named individuals and membership on behalf of an organization is non-transferable between individuals.

The Council (at least in the interim phase) will comprise seven full members and three alternates. Alternates will replace full members in the case of prolonged absence, conflict of interest or voting deadlock. Alternates will be invited to all meetings and will participate in full, bar voting rights unless called to replace a full member.

How will the Council vote on governance actions?

The Council will reach a decision by simple majority vote, requiring a minimum 3-2 (quorum is 5) to vote yay, nay, or abstain pertaining to the constitutionality of a governance action.

Upon reaching a decision, the Chair will formally instruct the nominated Intersect staff member to instruct the key holders to vote in accordance with the Council’s wishes.

When does the Intersect Constitution Council take effect?

Intersect’s Constitutional Council will be announced on July 5th. Training will take place during the week of July 15th.

The full interim Constitution Committee will be operational on mainnet from the date of the first stage of the Chang upgrade (known as Chang 1) taking effect on mainnet.

What does Intersect seat on the Interim Constitutional Committee (ICC) mean?

Intersect’s position on the ICC as one member of the seven member body, is an unelected seat during the interim period (a maximum term of 73 epochs from the date of the Chang upgrade taking effect on mainnet). The membership will decide whether Intersect should stand for election to the full Constitutional Committee in the summer of 2025.

Given Intersect’s constitutional role, its seat on the ICC will be distinct from day-to-day operations, committees, and working groups - forming a new group tasked with operationalizing Intersect’s interim CC seat.

How else can I get my voice heard?

There are many ways to have your say on the development of Cardano’s governance:

  • Contribute via community-focused committees, and working groups, including groups involved in creating a constitution draft that feeds into a broad community consultation process leading up to ratification.

  • Continue to test governance features on SanchoNet

  • Find out how you can attend one of 50 global workshops to input on the draft Constitution here.

  • Apply for funding opportunities at Intersect to support the rollout through community tooling and other community initiatives.

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