What are the requirements for being a constitutional workshop host?

  • To host the workshop, you should expect to commit up to 50 hours of your time, from beginning to end.

  • You are able to host a day long (6-8 hrs), in-person workshop between August 1 and Oct. 15th.

  • You are willing to provide contact information publicly.

  • You are willing to work with Intersect’s facilitators to deliver a constitutional workshop with their support.

  • You are willing to follow a standard constitutional workshop format.

  • You are willing to follow a standard Constitutional Delegate election process.

  • You feel comfortable ensuring virtual attendance to your constitutional workshop.

  • You will be able to provide final documentation of your constitutional workshop in English.

How long should the workshop be?

  • 6-8 hrs

Do I need to do any preparation work in advance?

  • Decide on a date and secure a venue, plan for food, swag etc.

  • Promote the workshop at least 2 weeks ahead of time

  • Attend training and office hours to prepare

  • Provide prep materials to participants ahead of the Constitutional Workshop

  • Ensure proper venue set-up

  • Accept Constitutional Delegate candidacy videos from people who cannot attend the workshop live

Can a Host also be the chosen Constitutional Delegate for the Constitutional Convention?

  • Yes, but they must be properly selected through the election process.

I’m not a Constitutional Workshop Host: can I be a Constitutional Delegate?

  • Yes, you can! You will need to attend a workshop or submit a candidacy video, and be selected by attendees.

How do I find out more about becoming a Constitutional Delegate and apply?

  • More information about the role and responsibilities of the Constitutional Delegate and Alternate will be posted on the Intersect Constitution landing page ahead of the constitutional workshops starting in August.

  • If you can attend a Constitutional Workshop, you may run for election at the constitutional workshop. If you cannot attend, you must submit a video file for the host to present at the constitutional workshop, and you will be added to the ballot.

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