Members-based organization

Cardano’s Voltaire - Glossary: key terms explained

The members-based organization (MBO) for Cardano, now named Intersect, is an organization designed to foster the future development of Cardano, serving as an aggregation point for community governance. Intersect was recently established and includes various stakeholders with shared values and common goals coordinating resources required for maintaining and enhancing the Cardano ecosystem. The members will be part of boards, committees, and working groups that define, design, deliver, and communicate public works projects revolving around Cardano’s open-source technologies.

Intersect’s main focus area is the future maintenance and development of Cardano, achieved through five key pillars:

  • supporting community development

  • administrating community-led governance

  • coordinating the delivery of the community-approved roadmap overseeing Cardano’s continuity for system stability

  • guiding the open-source development of Cardano’s core technologies

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