Intersect's values

Intersect values represents how our internal staff approach their work everyday, but also extends to all members at Intersect with how we interact and treat one another.


  • Recognize the human capital among us all - supporting and understanding each other.

  • Understanding that if one thinks that something is good for them, that doesn't mean it is suitable for all. Do not assume. This means that we should consider the needs and perspectives of others, not just our own when making decisions.

  • Being mindful of starting conversations on a negative foot. Positivity breeds positivity.


  • Being able to share your views openly.

  • Being able to understand the flow of the decision-making process.

  • Instead of building walls, bring a chair to the table.

  • Enabling decision-making power and decentralisation through being informed


  • Providing autonomy to others to make critical decisions.

  • Believing in the abilities and talents of others.

  • Being able to trust colleagues, trust yourself and trust the community.


  • Respecting the value in everyone’s opinion, even if it’s different to yours.

  • No one person has a monopoly on good ideas. Listen and be open minded to others.


  • Working as a team allows us to achieve better than the sum of our parts. We bring unique skills and perspectives that contribute to our collective success.

  • Understanding different perspectives and helping others where possible.

  • Knowing that we can do it together.

  • Knowing that when one needs help, they can ask.

  • Sharing the load and pulling in the same direction.


  • Everyone takes responsibility for the work that they are doing.

  • Empowering others to do their best work.


  • Working together to think of new and exciting ideas.

  • Listening and providing feedback for improvement and growth.


  • Utilizing the best of our knowledge and experience to deliver results.

  • Carrying ourselves with honor and pride at all times.


  • Embracing a spirit that we all come from different walks of life and coming together to reach a common goal.


  • Striving for success to reach our goals as a team and company.

Our team united in embodying these values, is on a mission to build a better and stronger Cardano ecosystem.

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