Constitutional engagement in 2024

2024 is a milestone year for Cardano as it upgrades into a new era, and the Cardano community will be at the forefront of shaping its governance.

Developing an interim Constitution for Cardano

Until a final Cardano Constitution has been developed and ratified by the community and a Constitutional Committee is up and running - a programme of consultation that will take place during 2024 - a set of interim rules will be required to support the transition. The interim Constitution will define both the on-chain ‘technical’ and the off-chain ‘governance’ guardrails needed to maintain the security and reliability of the blockchain. Without an interim Constitution, the interim Constitutional Committee cannot fulfill its role in ensuring (within a limited scope) the constitutionality and technical soundness of on-chain governance actions.

The process to develop an interim Constitution started by defining both technical and governance guardrails within committees of Intersect. As the steering bodies within this organization, committees provide recommendations for the Cardano community. Once finalized, the content of the interim Constitution will be included in the Chang upgrade (see CIP-1694 or our recent article on the milestones and key terms). Also, development is underway for technical guardrails within a smart contract framework, which will support the interim Constitution on-chain.

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