Budget committee (proposed)

This committee is still in development, we will publish more information shortly.

What is the Budget committee?

The Budget committee will collate all costs for operating core Cardano and prepare an operating budget for review and approval by the community on an annual basis. The Budget committee aims to provide insight and transparency to the underlying costs to core Cardano.

The Budget committee will be provided an approved list of items on the shared backlog by the Backlog committee (currently proposed). The Budget committee’s remit is to calculate an appropriate budget to assign to backlog scope items and manage a process to have a budget approved by the community. With on-chain consent, the budget will be funded by the Cardano treasury. The first Cardano budget will be presented ahead of the Annual Members Meeting (AMM) for community review. Intersect members will vote on the budget at the AMM, with on-chain ratification following.

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