Intersect supports the growth of decentralized and inclusive systems through technology and education, the administration of Cardano’s governance processes enabling technical changes, and advocacy. This can translate to internal operations and providing funding to develop Cardano’s open-source technology.

To establish Intersect and provide sufficient capital to operate, Intersect has been seed funded by members Input Output Global and EMURGO. On the proviso that Intersect becomes a success in 2024, Intersect will seek funding for 2025 via a community vote from the Cardano Treasury or alternative sources.

Funding Cardano & the DevTrust

Cardano has an underlying operational cost to keep the network running each year. This includes maintenance, upgrades and a variety of technical innovations to ensure Cardano continues to be current and a leading blockchain. Initially, for 2024, members Input Output Global and EMURGO have funded Cardano’s continuity. This funding enables a collection of members to continue supplying technical services to deliver the core operations. In Q1, Intersect will announce the scope of services these members have planned for 2024.

To hold these initial operational funds, Intersect designed the Cardano Development Trust (DevTrust). This is a fund that’s mandated to only use its funds for the benefit of the Cardano Blockchain and the development of Cardano. The DevTrust acts as a vehicle to support and fund the continuity & vision contracts, and other commitments (such as grants). Intersect’s mandate is to administer the DevTrust to fulfil contractual agreements and earn service fees to support its operations.

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