Parameter committee (PC)

What is the Parameter Committee?

The Parameter Committee is a TSC subcommittee that ensures the Cardano protocol parameters are set based on sound technical awareness and best practices. This subcommittee includes four working groups:

  • Economic Parameters Advisory Group

  • Network Parameters Advisory Group

  • Technical Parameters Advisory Group

  • Governance Parameters Advisory Group

Why is this committee important?

The purpose of this committee is to provide technical advice and recommendations relating to updating protocol parameters, taking into account economic, security, network, and other technical considerations as appropriate to protect the long-term sustainability of the Cardano blockchain.

Which topics does this committee cover?

The committee meets every three weeks to discuss all Cardano protocol parameters, including network, technical, and economic parameters, providing technical advice and recommendations based on updated parameter settings. They also consider community proposals to update parameters.

How to join?

  • As this is a highly technical subcommittee, members can only join at the invitation of current members.

  • Anybody can submit Parameter Change Proposals (PCP) on the Cardano Forum to request a technical recommendation from the committee.

  • Committee members participate in monthly SPO Calls to provide updates and answer questions from the SPO community.

  • More info about the committee and meeting notes can be found here

  • Parameter Committee updates on Cardano Forum can be found here

  • Parameter Committee parameter change proposals on Cardano Forum can be found here

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