Interim CC FAQs

FAQs will regularly be updated depending on member and community feedback

Do I have to be an Intersect member to register?

No, the process is open to any individual or organization from the Cardano community.

Will candidates be screened after registering?

Yes. Candidates will be required to answer a short set of questions to confirm technical competency to serve on the interim CC and a screening process will remove obvious junk applications.

What roles will the pioneer entities and Intersect play on the committee?

It is for each interim CC member individually to decide how to perform its role, within the remit of the committee.

How else can I get my voice heard?

There are many ways to have your say on the development of Cardano’s governance:

  • Join Intersect, and contribute through community-focused committees, and working groups, including groups involved in creating a constitution draft that feeds into a broad community consultation process leading up to ratification.

  • Continue to test governance features on SanchoNet

  • Find out how you can attend one of 50 global workshops to input on the draft Constitution here.

  • Apply for funding opportunities at Intersect to support the rollout through community tooling and other community initiatives.

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