Constitutional workshop guidelines

As Constitutional Workshops are also the means by which the community will select constitutional convention delegates, each constitutional workshop must meet a quorum of participants. To elect any constitutional delegates and alternates, the minimum quorum for a constitutional workshop is 10 voting participants. Prospective workshop hosts will need to demonstrate at least 15 registrants to proceed with hosting a Constitutional Workshop. To ensure a high quality, organized live constitutional workshops, prospective hosts are also encouraged to invite members of their community that represent the following areas of expertise or interest:

  • Legal and/or constitutional expertise

  • Technical expertise, including Cardano smart contract developers, Stake Pool Operators, DAOs, DeFi, Dapp builders and more (not exhaustive)

  • Translators

  • Aspirational DReps

  • Dapp users and consumers

  • Cardano educators

Expert facilitators will provide professional workshop support for each host. The facilitators will provide facilitation training, templates, educational materials, tooling and office hours to help each host prepare for their constitutional workshop. These facilitators will also attend the constitutional workshop virtually to support the host. The draft constitution will be provided to hosts prior to their constitutional workshop for distribution to workshop participants.

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