Grant projects

This page provides a high-level view of Intersect grant projects. More details on the project can be found by clicking on the name of the builder.

Cohort 1 - Governance Tech

The Governance Tech category has been set up to build out Cardano’s 1694 Governance Technology Core Technology, updates, and integrations.

Builder NameStatusEnd Deliverable

In progress

Update AdaStat to capture new governance data types available in the Conway Ledger Era


Implement CIP-95 into the GeroWallet

In progress

Update Dandelion for the Conway Ledger Era

In progress

Update plu-ts for the Conway Ledger Era


Update the StakePool Operator (SPO) Scripts to be compatible in the Conway Ledger Era


Update the Cardanocli-JS library to address the new features available in the Conway Ledger Era

In progress

Update Plutarch to take advantage of features in the Conway Ledger Era


Implement CIP-95 and SanchoNet functionality into NuFi


Apply Hydra payment channels to facilitating dRep voting incentives


Update the Cardano Client Lib and Yaci to address new features available in the Conway Ledger Era

In progress

Implement CIP-95 in Typhon Wallet and update Cardanoscan with the necessary informational features required for the Conway Ledger Era


Update Eternl to implement CIP-95


Establish a Cardano governance metadata standard


Deliver Cardano Ballot Voting Analysis

In progress

Upgrade Cardano multiplatform Library and Carp to support the Conway ledger era. Furthermore upgrading Flint wallet to support CIP-95.

Cohort 2 - Proposal Discussion Forum, Constitutional Committee Platform, and DRep Campaign Platform

Builder Name Status End Deliverable

In progress

Establish the first version of the proposal discussion forum and integrate that with existing tooling (Voltaire GovTool) to support cip-1694 governance

In progress

Establish the first version of the Constitutional Committee Portal

In progress

Establish the first version of the DRep Campaign Platform

Cohort 3 - Education and Multimedia

The education and multimedia category has been set up for builders to develop multimedia educational resources to help educate, onboard, and engage ada holders to participate in the new governance features made available with CIP-1694.

Grantee NameStatusEnd Deliverable

In progress

Cardano Governance: Educational Diagrams, Videos, and Workshops

In progress

GM Cardano - Governance Matters Cardano videos/podcast

In progress

Making Cardano governance clear and accessible to everyone, with a focus on the Portuguese speaking community

In progress

Engaging young people into Cardano Governance

In progress

Governance Education Through Infographics, Threads, and Tutorials. English and Spanish.

Cohort 3 - Open Category

The “Open” grant category is available for members to propose new tools that have not already been funded through any other categories, are not adequately addressed, or are not built at all. These proposals should aim to create new features and complement other tools being built in the ecosystem.

Builder NameStatusEnd Deliverable

In progress

Cardano Governance MAV Dashboard: To display real-time governance action data through donut charts.

In progress

Update the The Cardano-Transaction-Library to support new Conway primitives and implement a CIP-95-enabled wallet connector.

In progress

Research paper into the feasibility, advantages, and challenges of onboarding USDT (Tether) and USDC (USD Coin) natively onto the Cardano blockchain. This research aims to explore potential benefits, risks, technical considerations and costs associated with integrating these stablecoins into the Cardano ecosystem.

Cohort 3- Inclusion & Accessibility (Phase 1)

The need for inclusion and accessibility cuts across all processes, tools, communication channels, and interaction points for Cardano governance and Intersect itself. This grant category supports different initiatives to open up and make more accessible Cardano governance and Intersect.

Grantee Name StatusEnd Deliverable

To start (end of May)

To run Intersect TownHalls & After TownHalls until the end of 2024.

To start (end of May)

To run two Intersect Twitter (X) spaces per month for the year (24 X spaces at least one hour in length - 2 a month for 12 months).

To start (end of May)

To enhance engagement with the MENA (Middle East and North Africa)/Arabic Speaking Online Community by optimising monthly TownHall meetings.

To start (end of May)

To create 10 short, engaging videos on Cardano Governance to expand the reach of the ecosystem.

Cohort 4 - Membership NFT platform

Intersect aims to establish a seamless, user-friendly membership portal on the Intersect MBO website, incorporating wallet connections, payment options, and NFT issuance for membership verification.

Builder NameStatusEnd Deliverable

In progress

To provide access and support for the current Anvil SDK and expansion of the SDK to support the Intersect Member area

Cohort 4 - DRep Pioneer Program

15 DRep Pioneers have been selected across the globe to join a small group of other Workshop Leaders to co-design and deliver a unified curriculum and continuous learning program to their respective community and region. This will create the first cohort of Cardano DReps who can effectively perform their role in Cardano’s governance design.

Those selected as DRep Pioneer workshop leaders are:

DRep Pioneer ElectedCountry

Pedro Lucas


Martin Musagara

Democratic Republic of Congo

Ha Nguyen


Cameron Smith


Joao Bosco Ribeiro


Reshma Mohan


Daniela Alvez


Phil Lewis


Eystein Magnus Hansen | Daniel Dahl Johnsen


Ubio Obu


Jaromir Tesar

The Czech Republic

Adam Rusch


Jenny Brito




WADA | Josh Fielding & Mercy Fordwoo


Cohort 4 - Community Hubs

Intersect community hubs will act as a geographical central point for members to collaborate, meet, and participate. They will enable members to join local events and working groups where all can express their opinions with a regional twist. This is crucial when considering the consensus mechanism that is the foundation of Cardano’s governance system.

To find out more about these hubs, please click here.

Geographical location LeadStatus

LATAM Region

Alex Pestchanker

Launched in March 2024


Yuri Kuriyama and Yuta Create

Launched in March 2024

Sri Lanka

CoinCeylon - Kavinda Kariyapperuma

Launched in May 2024


WADA - Josh Fielding

Launched in May 2024

Cohort 4 - Summon Voting Platform

Grantee will provide to Intersect the adoption of “Summon Snapshot Voting” for the upcoming July 2024 Constitutional Committee election.

Grantee NameStatusEnd Deliverable


Run the election process for the Constitutional Committee election (cast a ballot with voting power corresponding to their ADA holdings in the active stake snapshot of a particular epoch boundary).

Cohort 4 - Local Events & Meet-Ups

Intersect is providing grants to support local face-to-face meet-ups that cover Intersect and Cardano’s governance.

Geographical locationDate of eventBlog

3rd May 2024

27th May 2024

29th May 2024

1st June 2024

2nd June 2024

4th June 2024

22nd June 2024

Lockport, Illinois, USA

28th June 2024

5th July 2024

Estado Anzoategui, Venezuela

3rd August 2024

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

21st July 2024

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

24-25th July 2024

South Africa

10th August 2024

Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

17th August 2024

Curitiba, Brazil

End of August 24

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