Chang Timeline

The following timeline is indicative, based on currently available information and is subject to change.

Timeline is based on current velocity of development, scope changes and testing outcomes. Information is accurate as of 21th May 2024


Chang Upgrades

Chang Upgrade #1) Will deploy governance features to Cardano and entre the technical bootstrapping phase as described in CIP-1694

Chang Upgrade #2) Moves CIP-1694 out of technical bootstrapping phases and unlocks the final features of on-chain governance including DRep participation and treasure withdrawals

Further information on CIP-1694 and the interim bootstrapping period is available.

The above timeline indicatively shows the high-level activities and dependencies required for the Chang hard fork. This is broken down into three categories;

Hard Fork dependencies

Items which need to be completed or at a suitable point prior to initiating the hard for combinator event for Chang

  • Node 9.0, suitable candidate for mainnet, available (available to community for suitable time)

  • Dquadrant Chang Testing Completed

  • Tweag Guardrails Audit Completed

  • Tweag CC Identity Audit Completed

  • GovTool Completed

  • DRep Programme (No issues - on track for minimum viable DReps for Chang#2)

  • CC Genesis File Completed

  • CC Credential Tooling Completed (under consideration)

Technical readiness

A ‘roll-call’ from the technical teams, performance & benchmarking and issue management that all teams have signed off on the release candidate and that no high severity issues are outstanding

  • Technical team checklist/roll call

  • Performance and benchmarking

  • No outstanding high severity issues (public log against Cardano-Node)

Community readiness/sentiment

Qualitative feedback and sentiment from the community of their readiness for the hard fork

  • Hard fork working group

  • Product sign off from Constitutional Committee/Civics (under consideration)

  • SPOs group

More information on the Major Release Process is also available. To contribute to testing or provide feedback please visit the SanchoNet website, many features are available for testing now.

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