Milestone Report April 2024

Continuity April achievements

This report is a progress update which follows the Q1 Milestone Report issued last month and provides a summary of achievements related to Cardano continuity during the month of April.

More information on continuity can be found here.


Dquadrant is focusing on developing a comprehensive testing strategy for dApps (decentralized applications). The key deliverables included the “Intersect dApps testing strategy document” and a reference document to support its implementation. These documents were designed to ensure the functionality and security of dApps through detailed testing protocol and strategic documentation.

During Q2 they completed the following milestone:

Milestones 1 - investigation and design

“For Milestone 1, the Dquadrant team has developed and shared a comprehensive testing strategy for Dapps, complete with a guiding document to facilitate the strategy's implementation. This testing strategy is crafted with a clear mission: To ensure the delivery of reliable and functional decentralized applications via automated testing practices and active community involvement. The strategy is grounded in core values such as Quality, Security, Privacy and Trust, Transparency, Team Collaboration, Innovation, and Community Engagement.”


Galois continued their critical work on the Midnight Halo 2 project, focusing on enhancing the capabilities of Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) within the Cardano ecosystem. During Q2 they completed the following milestone:

“Galois has successfully delivered Milestone 4, implementing KZG accumulation and ZK circuits that verify IPA accumulation. These are key building blocks to fully recursive ZK proofs, enabling benefits including zk-rollups and the ability to trade between blockchains.”


Intersect is developing multiple different web app-based tools to allow users to engage with the important governance user journeys. This includes: GovTool, Proposal Discussion Forum, DRep Campaign Platform & Constitutional Committee Portal. As part of this work, Bloxico was responsible for developing a strategy to unite all of these tools under one common set of recommendations and best practices including:

  • Cloud service provider

  • Orchestration and containerisation

  • Domain management

  • Monitoring technology

  • Networking configuration

  • Security measures

  • Continuous integration and deployment technologies

In April, the two milestones associated with this work were completed:

Milestone 1 - investigation and design

“This is the first half of the effort to create a unified set of DevOps standards which can be applied across Intersect’s projects. This first draft shows considerable research and stakeholder evaluation to create a strategy which fits the needs of Intersect’s projects.

This project will lay critical foundations to align Intersect’s projects to a common set of DevOps standards. This drastically lowers the overhead of management of projects long term, whilst also lowering the bar to entry for developer teams.”

Milestone 2 - review, iteration, and approval

“After the initial draft, Bloxico shared their DevOps strategy with the client, took their feedback, and made improvements to the document. This step was very collaborative, involving a lot of input from the client to refine the strategy. The process is approved, which means it’s now ready to be implemented across different projects.”

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