Quality and feedback

Quality is a consistent benchmark with all upgrades no matter how big or small. To ensure we release and maintain secure and stable nodes and upgrades, we encourage the community to help with testing and providing feedback. This is especially important in the lead up to a major event, like a protocol version change (or hard fork).

We always actively encourage issues or bugs to be raised by our members, and the community more broadly towards those teams who are supporting the continuity of Cardano.

To raise a ticket, simply log an appropriate ticket on GitHub under the 'cardano-node' repository at the following link:


A number of options are available, and select what you believe a best fit. All tickets will be triaged by a member of the joint technical teams and assigned a severity.

Soon we hope to provide analytics, to track a wealth of health information associated with the repositories. As well as history and volume trending of issues and bugs, by a number of measures.

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