Backlog committee (proposed)

This page is written on behalf of the Backlog working group (previously known as the Ecosystem Process Design working group), the information contained is subject to change and amendment by the working group at any time.

What is the Backlog committee?

We currently do not have a Backlog committee. It is currently an idea under review with the community.

We originally designed a Vision committee for Intersect as our 7th committee with the remit to manage visionary scope and roadmap for future development items.

We now see that we need a committee to manage a variety of different types of Cardano development scope and establish a roadmap. In this way, Vision could then become a category of the scope where other categories of scope can be Continuity (maintenance, upgrades, and core development), features, or research. The scope may also include categories such as marketing, promotion, or other non-technical categories.

This naturally led us to consider that the artifact we need is a backlog to define scope and we need a backlog process to generate a pipeline for how the scope is community-reviewed and approved. Hence, why we’re now considering that our 7th committee should be a Backlog committee rather than the original Vision committee.

The proposed Backlog committee will provide the approved list of items on the shared backlog to a Budget committee. The Budget committee’s remit is to calculate an appropriate budget to assign to backlog scope items and manage a process to have a budget approved by the community to be paid out of the Treasury.

All of the above is a draft in design with many questions to be answered. Intersect acting in the role of servant-leader is facilitating and coordinating the Backlog working group to figure out these answers.

The Backlog working group may decide to change its name befitting its purpose. Whatever name is decided upon on a working group level will also change the name at the committee level. As the working group matures we do expect it to be promoted to become a committee-level group due to its importance.

You can read more on the Backlog working group or submit an inquiry to

More info about the committee and its working groups can be found here.

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