Interim CC elections

Voting is now open and you can vote here (powered by the Summon Platform) Review the candidate profiles here


  • The registration period will be open from May 28th - June 10th (see registration link below)

  • An ada stake snapshot will be taken on June 8th

  • Voting will be open from June 13th - 23rd using the Summon platform

  • Results will be announced on June 26th

Process specifications

  • Both applications to the interim CC and voting will be open to anyone from the Cardano community

  • Registered candidates will be required to answer a short set of questions as well as provide DRep ID from SanchoNet to confirm basic technical competency

  • Voting will be stake-weighted based on ada stake at snapshot taken at the boundary of epoch 490 on 8 June

  • Ranked choice voting will allow voters to choose their top three candidates plus three alternates

  • Results will be presented back to the Civics Committee to verify the outcome

Candidate considerations

  • Technical proficiency in and knowledge of Cardano’s network, economy, security, and governance parameters (as detailed in the upcoming interim Constitution guardrails).

  • Supporting the above, familiarity with Cardano's governance system including the inter-dependencies and relationships between actors (DReps and SPOs for example).

  • Proficiency in using Cardano node, command line interface and other related tools.

  • A commitment to following best practice and meeting the highest security standards in handling cryptographic keys within the Cardano ecosystem, such as using the X.509 certificate standard, including key generation, storage, and rotation best practices.

  • Previous experience in a decision-making role within a blockchain or decentralized governance setting (such as a DAO).

  • Degree(s) and/or relevant professional experience in Law, Political Science, Computer Science or a related field.

  • Recognizable and long-term Cardano community member - a person or entity whose incentives are shaped by a long-term interest in Cardano, such that there is no plausible conflict of interest. The majority of engaged Cardano stakeholders would see this entity as having a long-term and beneficial role in the community.

  • Sound judgement - competence and wisdom in dealing with challenges technical, strategic, and generally as complex as those that will be a feature of this role.

  • A good grasp of marketing and communications principles.

  • Social responsibility - competence and responsibility to make decisions that will impact on the entire Cardano community.

  • BONUS - knowledge of constitutional law theory, hierarchy of norms and conflict of laws.

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